Step Into a Higher Class. Speed up Your Android Phone w/ Faster Disk Speeds.

 Just Get a Class 6 or higher Micro SD card. The problem isn’t the phone. It’s just the crappy class 2 Micro SD Card that comes with the phone. I think that the Evo’s ability to write to the memory card is actually much faster than the stock Class 2 card is capable of handling. According the the Secure Digital website, this is the slowest data transfer rate of all the different classes @ a whopping 2MB per second.

Yes folks, you heard that right. Strap on your safety harness and hold on to your socks. It’s going to be a non stop action packed ride to nowhere fast. Yup. It’s a full speed race down a dead end road. Just dump that stock Class 2 card and get something quicker. It’s worth the $16 bucks in the amazon store.

A class 6 card would be much more suitable for utilizing the HTC Evo’s HD Video Recording Capability.

Here are different speeds of SD card available. The official unit of measurement is the Speed Class Rating; an older unit of measurement is the × rating.

Micro SD Card Speed Class Ratings:

The Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for SD Cards, defined by the SD Association. The Class number represents a multiple of 8 Mb/s (1 MB/s), and meets the least sustained write speeds for a card in a fragmented state.These are the ratings of some currently available cards:

  • Class 0 cards do not specify performance, which includes all legacy cards prior to class specifications.
  • Class 2, 2 MB/s, slowest for SDHC cards.
  • Class 4, 4 MB/s.
  • Class 6, 6 MB/s.
  • Class 10, 10 MB/s.

Even though the class ratings are defined by a governing body, like × speed ratings, class speed ratings are quoted by the manufacturers and not verified by any independent evaluation process. In applications that require sustained write throughput, such as video recording, the device may not perform satisfactorily if the SD card’s class rating falls below a particular speed. For example, a camcorder that is designed to record to class 6 media may suffer dropouts or corrupted video on slower media. On slower class cards, digital cameras may experience a lag of several seconds between photo-taking, whilst the camera writes the picture to the card.

As of today March 28, 2011 I have not been able to find any real published hardware specifications that prove the HTC Evo 4g’s maximum write to disk speed. However, I personally have installed a Class 6 Micro SD card on my own Evo 4G and have noticed a drastic improvement in the video capture quality when compared to the stock Class 2 card that comes with the phone. So for anyone out there wondering why all of your HD recorded videos are coming out choppy and jumpy I would suggest first upgrading your Micro SD card to a Class 4 or higher. Even if you’re just wondering if your gallery could load any faster. Be sure to look for a higher speed class rating than 4 when shopping for a new Micro SD Card.

Of course you can always more than double your battery’s capacity by upgrading to a 3500 mAh.

If anyone has experimented with different speed class Micro SD cards in their HTC Evo 4g please feel free to post your comments!


10 thoughts on “Step Into a Higher Class. Speed up Your Android Phone w/ Faster Disk Speeds.”

  1. I was pissed when I first got my phone and realized that the HD video recording came out choppy so I just learned to live with it. I stumbled upon your article today after searching for answers to why the capture frame rate sucked so bad. I can’t believe that this whole time I thought it was because of the phone itself. I am pleased to say that I just got my Class 6 Micro SD card today and am totally impressed with the improved results! Thanks guys!

  2. The gallery loads way faster also. It’s such a drastic improvement that it is by far the biggest bang for your buck. For $16 bucks at Amazon, you simply can’t get a better boost in performance. Transferring files with the usb to my laptop is way faster also. windows folder icons load way faster. Class 10 Micro SD Cards Here

  3. Yup. I got mine in 2 days. It was like Santa came back to drop off the gift he forgot to leave under the tree at Christmas.

  4. Roger That. I got one too. I went for the 4Gig Card. I am much, much happier with the speed improvement versus the total storage. I can throw important files on and off the card faster now. It rips.

  5. Yes, definitely. But It probably won’t smoke a class 6 card. Does anyone have any actual specs or benchmarks on this? I’d love to see what the HTC Evo’s Read/Write Speeds actually are.

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